Joe Navarro: FBI Agent Turned Poker Tells Expert

In issues related to body language, Joe Navarro is a personality that comes to one’s mind. Body language, or non-verbal communication is believed to be responsible for communication for more than 80% of human communication when interacting with one another. Further, the majority of non-verbal communication is through the sub-conscious mind of human beings. The sub-conscious is a true feeling and people who affect it.

Joe Navarro is a world leading expert in the field of non-verbal communication who has contributed to society with his talent in this field. He has been in the field for more than 30 years with 25 of them being for the service of the FBI. He used his talent for department interrogation and capture of many criminals. In creating a better society and promoting good communication between people, he has written many books to help others. The most popular ones are Louder. Than Words and What Every Body Is Saying 온라인카지노.

In his 25 years of service, Navarro took part in a major investigation – events that involved terrorists and popular criminals. Through his body language reading skills, people have always referred to him who can read people like reading a book. He did not stop with the FBI. He now works for the World Series of Poker Academy, applying the principles of body language to the game of poker. He teaches that the key to becoming a poker superstar is having the ability to read the opponent. In reading the opponent well in poker, one must be able to read every move, even to his thoughts. This should be done without the opponent noticing. Joe Navarro has offered lots of tips to poker players. These are some of the secrets he shared with them:

1. Pursed lips – Pursed lips, in most cases, means that one does not agree with something. Poker is at least 92% of the times.

2. Nose crinkle – This is also a behavior that is not satisfied with something.

3. Mouth – When the mouth of the opponent is full, it is a shoe that is confident of what is being done.

Navarro is still playing the game of poker and those who would excel are those who take time to read his books. The body language may not be the same with all people nut in most cases, it can be brought to the poker table.

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